Alice R;

"(...) after a car accident, I had a while ago, and after trying Physio and Chiropractic treatments that didn't help much, I decided to try Shiatsu. During the past 3 months, Charlie has decreased pain from my neck, back and legs with his treatments. Since seeing charlies there seems more flexibility in my whole body (without the previous pain). An immediate feeling of wellness has been achieved after each treatment, and I highly recommend Charlie's shiatsu treatments."

Niki B;

"(...) In over a 4 month period, Charlie has been doing excellent treatments on my whole body helping injuries and illnesses I have had in the past. He is very gentle, and involved in improving my condition. A most pleasant and sincere gentleman whom I hope to see once a month till I no longer need his services. "

Lauren S;
 "(...)Charlie is a truly gifted therapist with an intuitive sense that guides him in using the ideal amount of pressure and the knowledge to stretch your body the way your Creator intended. As a result Shiatsu Massage will also be a regular staple in my life. I could actually hear my body thanking me and feel as if I have shaved years of neglect from too much computer work and tv watching off my life. All massages feel great but shiatsu, in particular, seems to reach into a deeper cellular level and the benefits are much more long lasting."

Allan C;

"...Massage has been part of my culture. And shiatsu is the closest technique to my grandmother's massage when I was growing up. Because it usually do not include oils, you can get back to the rest of your day without the need to shower. In Canada it took me awhile to find the right therapist until I meet Charlie. Charlie far outweighs the competition and the best therapist that I have seen through the years. He goes above and beyond what is expected and not a clock watcher. His technique is impeccable. I have recommended Charlie's shiatsu to all my friends and families."